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Part of the point of my recent presentation about BigTable was that conventional databases just don't cut it for Internet Scale applications.

Drizzle is newly announced fork of MySQL that cuts out a lot of features (triggers, stored procedures, etc) with the goal of producing a highly scalable database that is suitable for Internet Scale problems.

The Quest for an ObjectScript Iterator

I've been following an interesting blog by someone who is finding their way around Cache for the first time:

I've added it to my feed reader.


Some of you may have noticed that right after our Bletchley Park conference, there will be a little motor race nearby.

Yes, the Formula 1 circus will be at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix the weekend after our conference. A chance to watch professional drivers in seriously fast cars getting out of the slipstream. If Lewis Hamilton had taken this advice last weekend in Montreal he might not have rear-ended that Ferrari ;)

All reasonably priced tickets for the race itself already are sold out, but there are still some tickets available for the Friday practice sessions (from £49) and the Saturday qualifying sessions (from £69), so why not make a bit of a weekend of it.

BTW because Silverstone attracts a lot of visitors, hotel rooms leading up to the weekend are likely to be in short supply, so don't leave it too late to book your place at our conference and your accommodation for Thursday night.


The PowerPoint slides from all the SlipstreamUSA presentations are now up here.

We all enjoyed giving these presentations and, from the feedback we got, everyone enjoyed listening to them and found them both interesting and educational.

If you didn't get to attend SlipstreamUSA please do check them out - there's lots of good stuff in them and plenty you can learn.

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