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Amazon S3 Client

Well I announced it in my Lightning talk at the conference. The Amazon S3 Client
for Caché is now finished and available from

Here's the notes from the web site:

This application provides a Caché-based web interface to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) which
offers very low-cost, secure online data storage on Amazon's infrastructure. You can use Amazon S3 for
private storage of data (eg for low-cost backup) or for making data and/or files publicly available at an
incredibly low cost.

You can use the pre-built, Ajax-based client interface to manage and maintain your Amazon S3 storage.

Alternatively you can also use the same low-level Caché API methods that were used to create
the pre-built client interface. These APIs allow you to quickly and simply build your own application
interfaces and to integrate Amazon S3 storage with your Caché applications. The M/Gateway S3 APIs make it
possible to use Amazon S3 storage as an extension to Caché's database storage.

Amazon S3 is VERY cool, and incredibly cheap. Check it out and try out our interface!

Slideshare (continued)

It's very interesting to see the number of views that our respective presentations have now clocked up at Slideshare. For example, mine stands today at over 390 and George's an amazing 470. Even taking into account that many of the viewers will have been "tyre kickers", it's still an amazing way of getting your message out to many more people than you'd otherwise have reached in a conference alone.

I'm sure that many of the views will have been by members of the Cache/MUMPS community, but I'm also sure that we've managed to increase awareness of these technologies for quite a few new people - an objective we always had for this conference.

Maybe our next conference doesn't need to be a physical one, just a set of Powerpoint slidecasts on Slideshare! ;-)

Another Slideshare spotlight!

We seem to be sweeping the boards on the "spotlight" section of Slideshare. First George's presentation got a spotlight, now mine!

Slideshare seems to be a very good way of getting quite significant wide-ranging exposure. Anyone who has good Powerpoint presentations that can be made publicly available should think about uploading them. Thanks, George, for finding this service!

Slideshare can be found at

Photos of the conference

I've posted some photos taken during the conference on my Flickr account. Click here to see them!

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