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3rd July 2008 - a date for your diary

Work is underway to bring you the next UK Out of the Slipstream event. We've found another exciting and fitting venue where many a breakthrough has been made in the past. It was the hub of secret communications during the war and was saved from the clutches of housing developers by a team of volunteers who've turned it into a museum housing, amongst other things, the first semi-programmable computer. Got it yet?

We're going to spend the day in the comfort of the Mansion at Bletchley Park, a far cry from the draughty huts where hundreds of people worked on state of the art machines decyphering enemy messages during the war. We're in the process of finalising the programme and it's shaping up very nicely indeed.

We'll have the opportunity to visit the exhibitions in the huts including the computer museum. How many of the exhibits will you recognise as having worked with in the past? The evening meal will be taken in the Library in the Mansion and we're very excited about the guest speaker who will join us there (and he's not one of the people in George's photograph on the Next Events page!).

Details about the programme, the speakers and how to register will be posted soon.

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