Make a weekend of it

If our one-day conference is not enough for you why not make a weekend of it?

The day after InterSystems are running a free seminar in Eton about Java Persistence. They appear to be taking the heretic's view: "We challenge the view that java persistence should always be mapped to a relational model. This presentation accompanied with live demos will provide an overview of a new persistence option for Java developers, InterSystems Jalapeño™".

Or, if Java is not your thing, then perhaps the conference by the BCS Primary Health Care Specialist Group titled Global Health Records - Putting the Patient at the Heart of Care in Oxford, is more your cup of tea. This runs for two days, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September. What better way to fill your weekend? You know the weather's going to be terrible so gardening is out of the question anyway.

Data wants to be free

In my presentation, Querying the Web, I'll be talking about a fundamental shift in the way that we should be thinking about data and databases.

Data is no longer locked up in corporate silos, it's all out there on the Internet just wanting to be used. I'll be talking about both the provision and the consumption of datasets that are exposed to the Internet.

To whet your appetite, I really recommend that you read this article by Google's Adam Bosworth[1] which says The Web has much to teach us about managing and modeling distributed data. It's time we began listening.... In particular, if you don't read the whole article, do read the six points on the last page about the implications for databases, IMHO he's right on the money.

[1] Incidentally, Adam Bosworth is currently VP of Google Health, which is going to be very big indeed and is worth keeping an eye on.

Discounted registration deadline

The deadline for discounted registration is 31st August, only two days away. The price after that goes up so register now to get the best deal.

If you are planning to stay in a hotel in the area you should also make a reservation pretty soon, some of the hotels can get pretty full and you don't want to be disappointed do you?

1.4 Concordes

If you've checked out the venue then you will already know that Brooklands Museum is the home of the first production Concorde, G-BBDG.

What you may not have noticed is that it is also home to a second Concorde. Many of you will know of the 40% scale model of Concorde that used to be at the main entrance to Heathrow airport. This is now also on display at the museum. So you can get to see 1.4 Concordes for the price of one.

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