George James Software and M/Gateway Developments Ltd present a conference about Caché and allied technologies, that will highlight and explain the potential of these technologies in the modern, networked, integrated world.

Out of the Slipstream is a one-day conference on
Thursday 27 September 2007
at Brooklands Museum, Surrey, UK.

Out of the Slipstream

We are in a period of unprecedented change and technical innovation. The evolution of web and internet technologies, broadband networks, cheap hardware and wireless telecommunications has changed the expectations and demands of users and customers alike. Today's hot technologies like Ruby on Rails and Elastic Compute Clouds are barely out of the R&D starting blocks and are yet to be proven in the real world of the enterprise where reliability, maintainability, quality and TCO really count.

Caché and its allied technologies grew up and are at home in the enterprise. Experience has shown that they are more than capable of meeting today's demands and can produce solutions that are as good as, if not better than the mainstream.

The name of the game these days is heterogeneous systems and services, linked together as mashups and composite applications, making use of broadband networks, standards such as XML, HTTP, web technologies such as Ajax and JSON, web-services and specialised Virtual Appliances. What are the key components of Caché and allied technologies that can excel in this modern, mixed-up, joined-up world of networked and integrated systems?

This conference will bring together a wide range of speakers who will provide their insight and experience to address this question.

Allied Technologies

Our customers use a wide array of technologies to get their job done. The following technologies are commonly used by our community and you'll meet people knowledgeable about all of these at the conference:

Caché - Ensemble - GT.M - Serenji - eXtc - EWD - ZEN - PHP
VC/m - Umlanji - XSL - XML - SOAP - M21 - REST - VistA

Who Should Attend?

The conference is aimed at anyone who already uses Caché or similar technologies and those who are interested in what these technologies can offer.


The conference is being held at Brooklands Museum, the birthplace of both motor-racing and aviation in the UK. We believe this is a fitting venue, providing a celebration of great British technology that inspired and changed the world, and adding an appropriate metaphorical backdrop to the subject and theme of our conference.

Brooklands Museum
Brooklands Road
Surrey KT13 0QN