EWD Training at Bletchley Park

As you'll see from the programme, I'll be running an EWD training stream at Out of the Slipstream in Bletchley Park. What I'd be interested to know is what level of training would people like. There are essentially 3 options:

1) a beginners introduction to EWD, so you'll be able to see what EWD is all about, what it does, how it works etc

2) an advanced introduction to custom tag development (which is where you can really get control over EWD)

3) an introduction to the ExtJS and Emprise Javascript Charts widget tags in EWD

Unfortunately with Out of the Slipstream being a one-day event, it's impossible to fit more than one course into the time available. So what would be your preference?

You can let me know on the day, but it would be more useful to know in advance what you all think: add your votes as comments to this thread.

Many thanks

Hi Rob, At NEMUG in the

Hi Rob,
At NEMUG in the Greater Boston Area you have a group of interested programmers who weren't at DEVCON and can't make it to Bletchly Park would would be fascinated to have you speak at one of our bi-monthly evening meetings. If you are interested and have some plans about coming west here, please let us know. Thanks,
Heidi Pape Laird, NEMUG

My vote goes to:- 2) an

My vote goes to:-

2) an advanced introduction to custom tag development.

See you at Bletchley Park.

Hi Rob, Maybe something

Hi Rob,

Maybe something pitched at the stage beyond what is covered in your tutorial supplied with EWD, with a walk through a real application.