M/DB is now Open Source

Hot on the heels of our release of EWD as an Open Source product, we're now doing the same with M/DB, releasing it as a Free Open Source product licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.

A new build of the M/DB Virtual Appliance is now available for download. This contains full source code for M/DB in the directory /usr/local/gtm/ewd. The names of the M/DB Mumps routines are prefixed "MDB".

By releasing M/DB as Open Source software, we're hoping that others will assist in extending its capabilities. Areas where additional effort would be welcomed include:

- emulating the new Select action that has been added to SimpleDB
- backup and other maintenance facilities, packaged as REST services

The new release includes the new Free Open Source standalone m_apache gateway. You should notice a significant increase in performance: M/DB is now blindingly fast!

We hope you all enjoy the new Free Open Source M/DB, a product that showcases the internet-scale capabilities of Mumps technology, and its pre-eminence as a schemaless, hierarchical database.

So, have you guys got this

So, have you guys got this set up on an Amazon EC2 instance yet. Is it possible to provide a completely off-the-shelf, Amazon cloud-hosted Mumps?

(Sorry if I'm out of the loop on this.)