Here's something interesting that I stumbled across today: Bug Labs.

A BUG is a sort-of DIY modular computing device. At its core is BUGbase which is a small form-factor Linux box with a number of connectors and a tripod mount(!). You can then just plug together any number of modules: accelerometer, Camera, GPS, keyboard, etc, add a little bit of software and make the portable device of your dreams.

As they say: "For example, with BUG, you can easily assemble and program a GPS + digital camera device that automatically publishes geo-tagged photos as a web service. Integrating with an online photo-sharing service like Flickr is only a few more lines of code away, and now you have your own real-time, connected traffic-enabled mobile Webcam!"

The BUG appears to be aimed at the "long tail" of gadgets. Those niches that are too small to be viable for the mass produced, purpose build, consumer electronics industry. I wonder what kind of ideas people will come up with for a device like this. Any suggestions?

Slashdot finally caught up

Slashdot finally caught up with this two weeks late: http://linux.slashdot.org/linux/07/11/05/1813213.shtml