Amazon S3 Client

Well I announced it in my Lightning talk at the conference. The Amazon S3 Client
for Caché is now finished and available from

Here's the notes from the web site:

This application provides a Caché-based web interface to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) which
offers very low-cost, secure online data storage on Amazon's infrastructure. You can use Amazon S3 for
private storage of data (eg for low-cost backup) or for making data and/or files publicly available at an
incredibly low cost.

You can use the pre-built, Ajax-based client interface to manage and maintain your Amazon S3 storage.

Alternatively you can also use the same low-level Caché API methods that were used to create
the pre-built client interface. These APIs allow you to quickly and simply build your own application
interfaces and to integrate Amazon S3 storage with your Caché applications. The M/Gateway S3 APIs make it
possible to use Amazon S3 storage as an extension to Caché's database storage.

Amazon S3 is VERY cool, and incredibly cheap. Check it out and try out our interface!