Going beyond REST

On Wednesday 28th November, Skills Matter are presenting a session called Going beyond REST in Clerkenwell, London.

This session is FREE and is slated to describe Resource Oriented Computing (ROC)which is a model that goes beyond REST and unifies a number of diverse but similar principles for treating data as resources. If you enjoyed my talk at Slipstream then you will probably find this interesting.

The presentation will probably also include discussion of NetKernel which is an Open Source implementation of ROC that's based on original research from HP's Dexter project.

Conveniently, it is happening the evening before this event, and is just around the corner. So if you are planning to travel down to London to attend the CAMTA meeting (for my SVG training session, of course) then why not arrive a little earlier, and take in the Skills Matter session.

Register here - it's free.

I thought they were coming

I thought they were coming for my Javascript Objects training session! :-)